Microsoft Power Query / Power View in use with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Recently  I had the pleasure of presenting at the Microsoft Dynamics GP User Group (GPUG) Summit.  Being a BI nut, every presentation revolved around Microsoft Power BI in some shape or form. 

Microsoft (Dynamics) Program Manager Jared Hall, fellow Microsoft Dynamics GP MVP Mark Polino and I competed in our second “Excel Shootout”.  This is a competition for showing “cool and useful” features in Excel.  The competition consists of four rounds.  The following video shows my round 4.  I decided to push the envelope and make a music video.  (For trademark reasons, I have silenced the music, so when you watch it hum something fast pace and catchy.  I used something about having “Power” followed by the theme song of a crime fighting dog.)

In the video I start by showing a GP feature (if you are not a GP user hang tight, remember the whole video is only 4 minutes long) then I use Power Query to extract data and binary images (BLOB) from SQL Server.  I use these data in a Power View dashboard that displays the data and the image.

I hope you enjoy it and learn something as a well.  If you are interested in the full version, where I show everything in slow motion while explaining it, you can see that video using the following link.


 Belinda Allen, Smith & Allen Consulting, Inc.

 Microsoft MVP, MCT



Comments (3)

  1. Hmm. Hum our own music? I can hear it!!!

  2. If you click the link to the URL that appears above the video play button (just before "Thanks"), the video plays with audio in a new browser tab.

  3. Correction to my comment. When you click the link to the URL, you're navigated to a new page where the video with audio plays.

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