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On December 18th, the Power BI team released the Public Preview of the next version of Power BI. What's so remarkable about this new release is how easy it is to learn, use and explain to others. In fact, the tagline in the product group for this version is "5 minutes to WOW".

The Power BI team listened to its users, studied its competitors and imagined a product that was exponentially better. They made it simpler. They made it faster.  They added state-of-the-art charts. They are making it extensible. They are making it more reliable. They added support to connect to company's most valuable corporate data asset (SSAS cubes) and popular applications such as Dynamics CRM. They listened to their customers' feedback and, in less than 1 year, are responding with an amazing release that will address much of the most important feedback they heard from their users.

The "preview" of this new release is publicly available for everyone to try out.

We want you on this journey with us. This is an early version, so, there may be a few bumps at first before its 100% ready for production use. Try it out. Learn about it. Give feedback. Return here (http:/biatmicrosoft) for bi-weekly updates.

Watch your feedback get incorporated into the product and make Power BI better for ALL our customers.

Start your journey here at

Comments (2)

  1. Cristiano Gasparotto says:

    Hello Maria! When will it be available in Italy? Cris

  2. Cristiano, there's no ETA on new countries, but they will be announced on the Power BI blog here:…/powerbi


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