Missing Index in SQL 2016 Local Help — Fixed

We recently resolved the issue of missing index keywords in the SQL Server 2016 local Help. To view the index keywords in the Help Viewer 2.2 (Index pane), do the following: 1.Open Help Viewer 2.2, either from SQL Server 2016 Management Studio (version 13.0.12500.29 or later) or from Visual Studio 2015. 2.In the Manage Content tab…


Troubleshoot: Local Help for SQL Server 2014

If you’ve installed local help for SQL Server 2014 by using the Install content from online option in the Help Library Manager, the Help Viewer 1.1 might display only a partial table of contents. UPDATE You can find instructions for setting up the Help Viewer and local Help for SQL Server 2014 and 2016, at…


Get Started with SQL Server on Azure VM

This new Learning Path outlines the main steps for implementing and managing SQL Server on an Azure VM. The Path includes links to the articles that help you get started with these steps. SQL Server on an Azure Virtual Machine: Learning Path  


SQL Server 2016 RC3 Now Available on Azure VM

  You can now try our SQL Server 2016 RC3 on an Azure VM. You just go to the SQL Server 2016 RC3 Evaluation on Windows Server 2012 R2 on Azure.com. If you already have an Azure account, when you click Create Virtual Machine you’re automatically taken this area of the Azure portal to start…


Master Data Services 2016 – New Features and Get Started Help

Great new capabilities have been added to SQL Server 2016 Master Data Services. You can have many-to-many relationships in derived hierarchies, share entity data across models, merge conflicting data changes, require approval for changes, and much more. To learn about all the new features, see What’s New in Master Data Services. To help you get started with installing…


SQL Server 2016 Documentation — We Want Your Feedback

The SQL Server documentation team is working to improve the documentation, to help you be successful with and gain more value from SQL Server. Please consider taking this 9-question survey to send us your thoughts on how we can improve the documentation for you. We are listening to your feedback. The survey has closed. Thank you to everyone who had a chance to…


New Whitepaper: Microsoft Technologies for Data Movement, Transformation and Storage

This new whitepaper introduces the Microsoft technologies that you use to move, transform and store data on-premise and in the cloud. These technologies support business intelligence by enabling your organization to work with quality data for analytics and reporting. Introducing Microsoft Technologies for Data Storage, Movement and Transformation


Changing Collation for SQL Server 2016 on Azure VM

I recently saw a question from a customer about how to change the server collation for SQL Server on an Azure VM. So I decided to try this out. I was able to change the default collation by running setup from a command prompt, using the example in the Set or Change the Server Collation…


Updated: "Introducing Microsoft BI Reporting and Analysis Tools"

The Introducing Microsoft BI Reporting and Analysis Tools article has been updated to highlight Excel 2016, the new Power BI experience, and Cortana Analytics Suite. The article also discusses enhancements to Reporting Services (SSRS) and Analysis Services (SSAS) introduced in the SQL Server 2016 CTP3 release. I hope you find this article helpful. If there is additional information…


Preview: In-Memory OLTP in Premium Azure SQL Databases

SQL In-Memory technologies are now in Azure. These technologies greatly improve the performance of transactional and analytics workloads. With In-Memory OLTP you can achieve up to 30 times gain in transaction throughput. With In-Memory Analytics you can achieve up to 100 times improvement in query performance, depending on the workload. To get started with In-Memory OLTP…