Advances in Windows Vista TCP/IP

The Windows Vista TCP/IP stack has made tremendous improvements in its efficiency, taking full advantage of hardware advances (e.g. gigabit networking). As explained by Murari in a previous posting (Advances in Windows TCP/IP Networking), there are a number of bottlenecks that affect TCP throughput. Here, I will give some examples of how we’ve addressed these…


What is NetDMA?

The NetDMA term was coined by the networking team to imply a DMA (Direct Memory Access) engine that is used for moving networking data in memory. During WinHEC I will present the NetDMA architecture but for now I will give you the problem that NetDMA is trying to address.   When the networking card receives…


Advances in Windows TCP/IP Networking

Significant advances have been made, both in hardware and in software, over the past few years that have enabled gigabit networking. From being unavailable just a few years back, it has become mainstream technology with GigE NICs available in an increasing number of clients and servers today. The ever increasing networking capacity and the need…


An Interview with Alireza Dabagh, NDIS development lead

Tell us about what you do in Windows.   I’m NDIS development lead. I lead a team which works on NDIS and related components, and I also contribute to the architecture, coding and design of our components.   How long have you been participating in WinHEC?   Quite some time! Maybe 4 or 5 years….