Creating IP Agnostic Applications – Part 1

In Windows Vista and Windows Server “Longhorn,” IPv6 is installed and enabled by default.  When both IPv4 and IPv6 are enabled on these OSs, the TCP/IP stack prefers to use IPv6 over IPv4.  For example, APIs such as ConnectByName will attempt to connect first via IPv6.  See this post for a detailed discussion of address sorting….


WSAConnectByName() and WSAConnectByList()

G’Day, my name is Brad Williamson, a Software Design Engineer with the Windows Networking Developer Platform (WNDP) group here at Microsoft. I am going to talk about two APIs that were introduced in Windows Vista Beta 2 to simplify the process of connecting to another connection-oriented socket application. By far, one of the most common…


Extensions to the Navigator Proxy Auto-Config File Format specification to support IPv6 v0.9

The following functions are extensions to the Navigator Proxy Auto-Config File Format specification to enable WPAD scripts to handle IPv6 capable networks: Predefined Functions and Environment for the JavaScript Function FindProxyforURLEx:   Hostname based conditions: isResolvableEx() isInNetEx() Related utility functions: dnsResolveEx() myIpAddressEx() sortIpAddressList() getClientVersion()   isResolvableEx(host)   This API determines if a given host string can…