Come See Windows 7 DirectAccess and BranchCache @PDC08 Pavillion

We are demoing Windows 7 Direct Access and Windows 7 Branch Cache at the PDC08 pavillion. We are the second booth to the left when you come in to the Big Room, shaing space with the Windows 7 Sensor folks. Come check it out at talk to us.

  -- Ari

Comments (6)

  1. I don’t know where you put it.

  2. BetterLateThanNever says:

    Missed the demo.  Are you demo’ing or available to discuss on Thursday?

  3. wndpteam says:

    Yup… It’s going right now

  4. Anonymuos says:

    Are the improvements to the Windows Filtering Platform and the new Windows Connectivity Platform going to be available on Vista? 🙂 😛

  5. krispy says:

    Can we see performance test results anywhere? we are interested to see how this performs with large files (80-100MB).

    What sort of performance test results are you looking for? My suggestion is to grab Windows Server 2008 R2 Beta, install the branch cache service on it and play around with two windows 7 clients behind a (simulated) WAN. Intresting things to look for: Overhead of hash generation on the server. Overhead of cache misses and cache hits on the client. Let us know how it goes. — Ari
  6. Chris says:

    Is there any documentation available for positioning DirectAccess server into your DMZ and internal network?

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