Ready for Windows Server 2008?

Windows Server 2008 incorporates the completely rewritten TCP/IP stack we shipped in Windows Vista and since this is the first server release with the stack we'd like to ask our readers to load up Windows Server RC1 and see if your applications are ready.

The new features (compared to Windows Server 2003) that may pose potential compatibility issues include: removed filter hooks, receive window auto tuning, dual IP layer architecture for IPv6, compound TCP, ECN support, default strong host model, easier kernel mode programming, extensive protocol offload.

Windows Server 2008 is also the very first Microsoft server product to have the firewall ON by default. Third party applications that are not aware of this behavior may break. 

-- Ari and Katarzyna

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  1. Windows Server 2008 incorporates the completely rewritten TCP/IP stack we shipped in Windows Vista and

  2. anonymous says:

    I wish MS would deliver the Scalable Networking Pack for Windows XP SP3.

    How come? They are all server features… However I believe you get all of it available in Vista’s Networking Stack, so if you really want it on a client OS, there is an option.
  3. anonymous says:

    Also there seems to be a bug in Vista and Srv 08 where the "Automatic metric" setting is forced and any manually entered metric settings are ignored/not followed. Vista sets very high metrics for all connections I make, and I cannot set a manual lower metric. Can MS look into this?

  4. Dale Unroe says:

    now to provide a means to manage Network Connections easily when deploying Server Core (especially relevant with Hyper-V) – preferably a remote management snap-in but I’ll even take a command shell tool

    After installing the Hyper-V Core scenario (Hyper-V in Beta RC), when trying to create the virtual networks the physical network adapter (single NIC) goes down for the count.  Without the means to troublehshoot this at the command line the Core is rendered useless without any networking capabilities.  No longer are remote management tools a means to do any work.  Kaboom! Re-install

  5. Satheesh says:


    I need to write an Intremediate Driver with IEEE 802.1Q/P support in NDIS 6.x/5.x. Does windows 2008 server supports these standards? or Do I need to implement the standard?.

    Is there any sample IM Driver with source available with above standards.

    By the way I’m just reading the standards now.

    Please provide me some suggestion or

    Thanks & Regards



  6. As <a href=>anonymous</a&gt; said, I also have a problem with Automatic metric on my Server 2008. It’s 2009 now and this issue is not yet solved!

  7. Erik Wellander says:

    My scenario was that I have one public NIC on each server and a second NIC for interconnecting them on a VLAN, but the VLAN has no Gateway. This ends up in the VLAN interface to change to Not Trusted (or what its called)

    I solved this by disabling the Automatic Metric, and sett a very high metric on the interface that I dont want the server to use else it is intended for that ip-range .

    And also disabled the FireWall on all servers, as the firewall apparently blocks traffic even when the rules says not to !!!

    MS should never have removed the OSPF protocol from the TCPIP stack, now they will never rule Internet!!! Not that they probably will with the "Swiss Cheese OS"  đź™‚

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