Come See Windows 7 DirectAccess and BranchCache @PDC08 Pavillion

We are demoing Windows 7 Direct Access and Windows 7 Branch Cache at the PDC08 pavillion. We are the second booth to the left when you come in to the Big Room, shaing space with the Windows 7 Sensor folks. Come check it out at talk to us.   — Ari


Heading to PDC 2008

I’ve been pretty busy Engineering Windows 7 with the rest of the windows networking team and we are really excited to start showing the world some of the work we’ve done at PDC. One of the things we’ve been working on has it’s own session: “Windows 7: Web Services in Native Code” presented by Nikola…

Misc Stuff to Grab

A page to dump quick downloads

WinHTTP Questions: About Callbacks

Hello All, I am continuing the “WinHTTP Questions” series with some questions on WinHTTP callbacks. Is it correct that WinHTTP Callbacks will occur *only* during an in-progress WinHTTP operation? Is it possible that an external event (such as the remote server resetting the underlying tcp connection) result in a callback even when there’s no outstanding…


WinHTTP Questions – async close on a sync request

Hello, my name is Deepak and I’m a SDET in serviceability. We handle a bunch of questions from developers using WinHTTP, and thought we might share then in a new posting series, “WinHTTP Questions”. Can I cancel a synchronous WinHttpSendRequest call by closing the request handle from a different thread? Or, are there any requirements…


Ready for Windows Server 2008?

Windows Server 2008 incorporates the completely rewritten TCP/IP stack we shipped in Windows Vista and since this is the first server release with the stack we’d like to ask our readers to load up Windows Server RC1 and see if your applications are ready. The new features (compared to Windows Server 2003) that may pose…


Happy New Year

Just wanted to drop a quick Happy New Year to our readers and see if there is any topics that you want to hear about. We’ve been pretty busy with Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista SP1 and future windows releases. With the RTM of Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista SP1 drawing near, I hope to…