The Case of Vista Multimedia Playback and Network Throughput

Mark Russinovich has a great post today on the what and how of the network/multimedia vista issue that people have recently been talking about. Amusingly enough a couple people on /. more or less figured it out, but are only modded 3 and lower. Go Figure.

-- Ari

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  1. anonymous says:

    I want to tell the Vista networking team that I cannot use Vista because of the new PPPOE protocol which doesn’t work for my internet connection, whereas the built-in Windows XP one works flawlessly. The other free PPPOE protocol RASPPPOE doesn’t work with Vista and gives a blue screen error. Also, the Vista protocol doesn’t support NAT, ICS, allow tuning the TCP RWIN from the UI, or fully exploit the maximum possible PPPoE MTU (1492). Since I cannot access the internet and my ISP is not helping, I’m forced to go back to XP. Can Microsoft work with the RASPPPOE developers to quickly develop a working protocol? RASPPPOE today is used by millions worldwide.

  2. meorah says:

    anon,  you should consider doing your ISP authentication on your ISP’s cable/dsl modem, so you don’t have to worry about configuring it in windows ever again, XP, Vista, or future versions.

    If the modem does not support authentication, 2 options that I would try before going back to XP are:

    1. Buy a consumer-grade router and do your authentication on that device.

    2. Consider changing ISPs.  Forcing you to authenticate to their network using your PC is slimy, and the inability to assist you with better practices is slack.

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