Survey: Layered Service Providers (LSPs)

Have you worked on a Winsock Layered Service Provider (LSP) or are you considering using the technology in a future project? If so, we would like to hear your feedback.  Your responses will be directly reviewed by the team which designs and maintains the LSP infrastructure and developer experience to help set the direction of future LSP changes and additions.  

Please take a moment to fill out as much of the Network Filtering Survey as is appropriate for you. 

Thank you in advance for your feedback!


-Mike Flasko

Comments (4)

  1. Vishal says:


    I am starting with LSP but dont have good document in hand.

    Please provide me some inputs.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Vishal says:

    I am looking for IPV6 modifications in my LSP. Good to have a prototype or document in hand….’ll appreciate any help!!

    thnx in advance.

  3. jlsnmp says:

    Hi winsock team:

    Winsock LSP machanism is good facility for developping networking filer application for security purpose. But its MSDN and online document is too poor. Pls make improvement on document and source sample.


  4. The WNDP Connect download site ( contains a white paper and sample code for LSPs.

    However, it’s strongly recommended that you use the WFP (Windows Filtering Platform) instead.  There have been any number of issues with LSPs over the years — they are surprisingly hard to write well and can introduce any number of subtle bugs.

    Not only that, but a common "network troubleshooting" recommendation that’s given out to users with network issues is to reset the Winsock LSP Catalog — this will knock your LSP out, resulting in failures for your customers.

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