Filler – Open Command Prompt Here in Vista

I learned this last week that in Windows Vista one can hold down shift and right click to get a "Command Prompt Here" option added to the context menu on a folder. Nice!

-- Ari Pernick

Update: As someone in the comments noted, "Copy as Path" gets added to the context menu too. I typically click on the address bar and copy the path that appears there, but I think this trick is faster if I can retrain myself to use it :).

Comments (3)

  1. John Doe says:

    Awesome tip — and as a bonus it also adds Copy as Path which puts the full path on the clipboard for you.

  2. Sanjay M says:

    Neat trick thanks for the info. This dosent work on the left side tree view unfortunately. So I still prefer the old tried and tested power toy 🙂 also I dont need to press shift 🙂

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