New Public Forum for Windows Network Development Discussions

We've just launched a new MSDN public forum for Windows Network Development. The first open forum for discussions is QoS/qWAVE; however, myriad others will follow. We highly encourage open discussion on these forums, and we'll be actively monitoring to answer any questions you have. We are working very hard to ensure as much transparency as possible within the networking development organization. The Connect site enables you to file and track bugs, and the launch of this forum allows you to have open discussions with the community and the product teams within Windows networking. As always, we're interested to hear your feedback on how we're doing to enable sufficient transparency, and your thoughts about how we can improve.

- Gabe Frost

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  1. Karen says:

    Hello , Thank you for posting this public forum . this is about the newest problem ( iexplorer.exe ) multiples in the tasks mangers , running the CPU fans at full tilt . .  i have this problem currently and running an older Vista  32 bit .  I honestly do not think this is a Virus as many think , it is no wonder the virus protectors are not catching it . .. i think the problem is after installing reinstalling a dozen different things to fix this , the problem seems that it is only connected through the IE or internet connection it self .  .. i think when one installs or downloads something that has "Ad" in it , it opens a door some how in to the systems , and when one looks at the file source on the task manager it goes back to the IE , but the IE is only a door way in . .. i just recently put my computer in a safe mode and ran a msconfig .  .. only to find, in my start up, a few of the names that were popping up in the protector, i ran on the computer .  a big question i have is how one is going to remove the "Ads " in the systems with out deleting the systems or programing .  

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