WinINet ETW Tracing Support in Windows Vista

In order to enhance debugging of wininet.dll for application developers, Microsoft has added ETW tracing support for this component. The feature will be available beginning with Windows Vista Beta 2 builds.


To use the feature, wininet.dll users should open a command prompt window with elevated privileges:

1.                  Click the Start button, point to All Programs, and then click Accessories.

2.                  Right-click Command Prompt, and then click Run Elevated or Run as administrator (depending on what Vista build you are running).

Initialize WinINet tracing:

logman start "wininettrace”  -p “microsoft-windows-wininet” –o “wininettrace.etl” –ets


This command will initialize the ETW framework for WinINet tracing, using wininettrace.etl as the output file for trace data.


Log Events:

Run IE or an application that exercises the WinINet APIs

Stop tracing:


logman stop “wininettrace” -ets


Create a human readable (xml) log file:


tracerpt “wininettrace.etl” –y –o “wininetracelog.xml” –of xml


This command will generate an XML log file called wininetracelog.xml that contains the WinINet events logged.


 --Jonathan Silvera

Comments (3)

  1. dominick says:


    a little off-topic – but is there a list somewhere which Windows components are ETW instrumented – and which names/GUIDs i have to use to enable tracing??



  2. Jonathan says:

    If you run the following command you will get a list of the registered providers:

    >logman query providers

    -Jonathan Silvera

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