Winsock Header Weirdness

There are two main Winsock headers used depending on which version your application needs. There is winsock.h for Winsock v1.x and winsock2.h for Winsock v2.x and they are mutually exclusive. That is, if you include both header files you will see a lot of compilation errors.  As you may know, windows.h includes a lot of…


LSP Installation Problems with WSCInstallProvider64_32

An LSP (or Winsock provider) can be installed into the Winsock catalog through several different function calls. Also, as you might know, on 64-bit Windows there are two different Winsock catalogs – one for 32-bit applications and one for 64-bit native applications. In order for an LSP to be loaded by both native and WOW64…


LLTD is Available for Non-Windows Platforms

Exciting news; the Windows Rally Development Kit was publicly released today on the Windows Rally technologies website! This porting kit is royalty free and provides full source code for an embedded Linux (yes, you read that correctly) reference implementation. Although Linux was used as a reference, this code is designed for easy porting to other platforms, which…


How to Enable the Windows Vista Network Map

As Gabe mentioned in his blog post titled “Xbox 360 Fall Update Includes LLTD,” the Xbox 360 now includes the Link Layer Topology Discovery (LLTD) protocol.  At a basic function level, LLTD gives users a graphical representation of their home network topology.  In addition to the network map, LLTD offers network device manufacturers a standard…


Xbox 360 Fall Update Includes LLTD

There has been a lot of buzz about the recent fall update for the Xbox 360; however, an important new feature which has not been mentioned is support for the Link Layer Topology Discovery (LLTD) protocol. In its basic form, LLTD allows a Windows Vista PC to accurately map the topology of your home network. In…


Filler – Keyboard shortcuts for launching any app

Windows Vista makes it even simpler to be productive with keyboard shortcuts. To launch any app: Windows key; type app name (e.g. word); Enter Variation of above for Control Panel applets like Network and Sharing Center (e.g. type network center) To launch the app elevated (admin), use Ctrl + Shift + Enter. More keyboard shortcuts…


WSAPoll, A new Winsock API to simplify porting poll() applications to Winsock.

Hello, my name is Chad Carlin. I’m a software developer on the Winsock Test Team. Among the many improvements to the Winsock API shipping in Vista is the new WSAPoll function. Its primary purpose is to simplify the porting of a sockets application that currently uses poll() by providing an identical facility in Winsock for…


Creating IP Agnostic Applications – Part 2 (Dual Mode Sockets)

In a previous post I wrote about how on Windows Vista and Windows Server “Longhorn,” IPv6 is installed and enabled by default and that when both IPv4 and IPv6 are enabled, the TCP/IP stack prefers to use IPv6 over IPv4.  With the growth of IPv6, applications must now work seamlessly over both protocols (IPv4 & IPv6).  The…


URLACL Setting Day

Looking around the web today, I noticed that Keith Brown has a sample of using HTTP_SERVICE_CONFIG_URLACL_SET from managed code. Kenney Wolf, a while back, found the Windows Vista way of configuring it via netsh. — Ari Pernick