Connecting Your Digital Home

Having spent numerous hours working with analysts reviewing Media Center Extender products to help correct WiFi installation problems, I would like to spare other folks the pain of going through this process uninformed, and share the many ways to successfully connect your digital home (whether Media Center products, or otherwise). I’ll spend time on each…


QOS Fundamentals

In his previous posts, Gabe introduced networking’s QoS team and touched upon some of the areas we’re focused on. Over the next few months, we’ll present some of the technologies we’ve been building. Before we look at these, I’d like to cover some of the existing QoS concepts/standards/mechanisms/technologies. That’ll be our base for further discussions….


.Net Framework 2.0 – What’s new

On October 27th the .Net Framework 2.0 was made available to MSDN subscribers and launch events will be start in early November.  To see an overview of whats new in the .Net Framework and the System.Net name space please see:   Mike FlaskoProgram Manager – WNDP