WNDP Connect – submit bugs and feature requests

You can report bugs and suggest features for WinInet, WinHTTP and HTTP.sys using Microsoft Connect
at https://connect.microsoft.com.

Once you login with a passport account, you should be able to go into “Available Program” and sign up for WNDP.

We are currently hosting WinINET, WinHTTP and HTTP.sys on the site. We will be incorporating other programs shortly.


Shivakumar Seetharaman
Program Manager, WNDP

Comments (2)

  1. Last year we setup a small site on connect.microsoft.com in order to let our blog readers, developers…

  2. Mogamat says:

    I am using winsock in an activex control in VB6. I am sending messages to a remote server and receive messages from the server. The problem is the activex component returns before I receive the last message from the remote server. Is there anything I can do in Winsocks data arrival event to make it wait longer so that the last message can complete before it returns to the test harness program.

    Thanks,my email is Mogamat.Gamieldien@btgroup.co.za

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