Channel9 visits the Networking Stack Team

Our colleagues down the hall, TCP/IP dev lead Sanjay, architect Abolade and NDIS dev lead Ali (and cameo by Sandeep and Deepak) talk about the new networking stack in Windows Vista on Channel 9. Here's a bit of the contents:

  • End Users

    • Stack Auto-Tuning (less registry key tweaking needed)
    • Performance

      • Receive Side Scaling in NDIS - Scaling across processors better
      • Offloading Technology
      • New Congestion Control Algorithm in TCP (CCTP)IPSEC's deployment at Microsoft

    • Authenticated Firewall
    • Wireless Improvements (WPA2 and better plugin model)
    • Diagnostics Framework for Networking
    • QWave - Home Networking QoS

  • Developers

    • Lightweight Filter Driver Model  
    • New and Improved driver framework for Network Cards
    • Winsock Kernel and TLNPI
    • TCP/IP Statistics
    • Tracing
    • IPv6

Also note that there is a new Microsoft Web Forum for Networking.

   -- Ari Pernick (arip)

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