Visio Conference presentation on upcoming version of Visio

In February this year, we held a Visio Conference at which we started to reveal some of the features in the upcoming version of Visio. There are a lot of presentations up at the main conference site, but I did two presentations that were specific to the new version. There is a lot of exciting stuff demoed, but some of the best includes Visio Services (web viewing of data connected diagrams) and a lot of new Process Management (e.g. BPM, Quality, Lean, Compliance) functionality that I think will be really important.

      Visualizing Information Work Today & Tomorrow (keynote presentation with Microsoft President Jeff Raikes)

      Visio Future Investments (more in depth presentation of the new features)

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  1. anony.muos says:

    Hope it’ll be included in at least some Office SKU.

  2. I was unable to watch any of the videos. It seemed it was in perpetual download. These presentations should be made available for download rather than using an extremely slow online reader.

    John… Visio MVP

  3. Dapx says:

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