Visio Session at Interop Las Vegas

I’ll be presenting a session on Visio at Interop Las Vegas on May 22nd. The presentation will focus on visualizing IT data using Visio 2007. If you’ll be at the conference, make sure to check it out. I’ll be around for a few days, so if you are interested in chatting there feel free to…


Developer Behavior Change in Visio 2007: Additional “GUARD” functions in Shapes

Some developers have noticed a change that we made in Visio 2007: more of the shapes we ship with Visio contain the GUARD ShapeSheet function. This was done to make some shapes work better with our new Themes feature and often just to take formatting more effectively in the first place. Here is an example…


More about launching a Remote Desktop session from a hyperlink

A few people have asked me if the remote desktop hyperlink creator is Visio-specific. The answer is no. It creates hyperlinks that can be used anywhere. If you publish your network diagrams using Visio’s Save as Web feature it will work there too. Here’s the original post explaining what it is.


VSTO and Visio

As I’ve mentioned before, Visual Studio Tools for Office includes wizards for Visio in their latest release (VSTO 2005 SE) and this will be a big part of Visio development in the future. Having said that, there is still a little bit of work in creating a VSTO Visio add-in. Chris Castillo has created the…