Enabling BITS logging

Here’s an oldie but a goodie. Heath Stewart provides example scripts on how to enable and disable ETW logging for the BITS service. See http://blogs.msdn.com/b/heaths/archive/2008/07/07/bits-logging.aspx


Scripts to make your life easier

I found a blog which has a few helpful VBScripts to perform some common tasks. http://blogs.msdn.com/alejacma/archive/tags/WMI/default.aspx Hope this helps. Aditya Patwardhan [MSFT]

BITS Compact Server & WMI provider

BITS Compact Server is a simple and secure HTTP / HTTPS server. BITS Compact Server exposes COM API for configuration. It can also be configured through a WMI provider. Features: 1.       HTTP / HTTPS file server, for ad-hoc file hosting. It is not intended to be an internet facing server. 2.       Independent of IIS. 3.      …

How To Use WSMan Proxy Support

The end user can operate a WSMan client from behind a web proxy for remote management, that is, the client machine connects to the internet through a web proxy server. All HTTP traffic between the client machine and the internet must pass through the proxy server.   Communication between WSMan client and server must remain…


Association Traversal Using WSMan cmdlets

First let us review the concept of “CIM/WMI association”, then we’ll show examples on how to perform association traversal using WSMan-related cmdlets. Please note this is a generic discussion about association traversal but targeting Win7 implementation. Applying them to standard interop namespace and discovering DMTF profiles and associated instances targeting 3rd party implementation will be…


Example: Directory backup with BITS cmdlets

UPDATE: This posting has been updated with a zip file that contains two versions of the script. The file “bitsbackup.ps1” is intended for use with Windows 7 RC version of BITS cmdlets and the file “bitsbackup-ctp3.ps1” is intended for use with Windows 7 Beta or PowerShell 2.0 CTP 3 version of BITS cmdlets. —–  Here…


How to use WSMan config provider for certificate authentication

WSMan Client certificate authentication is primarily used in non-domain cases: client can specify certain certificate as credential, after authentication each other, it’s mapped to a local account on the server, meaning the WinRM service runs under the context of the mapped account when processing the request. When using client certificates, multiple client certificates can be…