BITS – More Flexible Bandwidth Limit Policies

Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) has introduced a more granular control over the BITS bandwidth usage for background jobs, with a new set of group policies. Bandwidth limits can now be applied to the three BITS job priorities individually, hence providing a way of allocating more bandwidth to higher priority jobs. A concept of time…

Enabling BITS logging

Here’s an oldie but a goodie. Heath Stewart provides example scripts on how to enable and disable ETW logging for the BITS service. See


Configuring BITS Upload Server with PowerShell and ADSI

A common request that I get from customers is that they would like to use PowerShell to configure the BITS Upload Server extension on IIS. In the past, automating upload server configuration required the use of the Windows Scripting Host and the BITS ADSI extension (see ). It is also possible to do this…


BITS Compact Server & WMI provider

BITS Compact Server is a simple and secure HTTP / HTTPS server. BITS Compact Server exposes COM API for configuration. It can also be configured through a WMI provider. Features: 1.       HTTP / HTTPS file server, for ad-hoc file hosting. It is not intended to be an internet facing server. 2.       Independent of IIS. 3.      …

Windows Management Framework RC release for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008

The Microsoft Windows Management Framework RC release for Windows Vista and  Windows Server 2008 includes the following components: WinRM 2.0 Windows Remote Management (WinRM) is the Microsoft implementation of WS-Management Protocol, a standard Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)–based, firewall-friendly protocol that allows hardware and operating systems from different vendors to interoperate. The WS-Management protocol specification provides a…

What’s new in BITS for Windows 7

List of new stuff in BITS for Windows 7  Peer caching now uses Windows BranchCache. This new peer caching model replaces the model used for BITS version 3.0. For more information, see Peer Caching. Added a more flexible resource access model that allows applications to associate a pair of security tokens to a BITS transfer job….


BITS FileTransfer cmdlets are now known as BitsTransfer cmdlets!

If you have been using BITS PowerShell cmdlets since the Windows 7 beta and are currently running the Windows 7 RC, then you will likely have had some trouble finding the BITS cmdlets in the RC. Fear not, the BITS PowerShell cmdlets are now known as the BitsTransfer cmdlets. For updates, refer to Among some…


Example: Directory backup with BITS cmdlets

UPDATE: This posting has been updated with a zip file that contains two versions of the script. The file “bitsbackup.ps1” is intended for use with Windows 7 RC version of BITS cmdlets and the file “bitsbackup-ctp3.ps1” is intended for use with Windows 7 Beta or PowerShell 2.0 CTP 3 version of BITS cmdlets. —–  Here…



One of the new Win7 features in BITS is integration with BranchCache. In short, BranchCache is a new peercaching technology that will allow Win7 clients in a branch office location to cache and distribute downloaded content. This is going to be an exciting new feature in Win7, especially for IT folks. Here is a plug…


Introducing BITS PowerShell Cmdlets!

UPDATE: BITS PowerShell cmdlets has gone through some changes between Win7 beta and Win7 RC. This posting has been updated accordingly. —-  The BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service) team is happy to announce the release of BITS PowerShell cmdlets in Windows 7! BITS PowerShell cmdlets combine the richness and usability of PowerShell scripting with the network-awareness…