Why do I get ACCESS DENIED when running commands on a remote PS runspace?

This blog entry describes the reasons behind getting “Access Denied” on certain commands run on remote PS runspaces and ways to work around them. The category of commands include ones that authenticate to other services, try to access network resources and others that depend on the “impersonation” level of the security token. The commands would…


Collecting WinRM Traces

This blog entry explains how to collect WinRM ETW and WPP traces: WinRM ETW Traces: You can use EventViewer to look at WinRM ETW events: ·         They are under Application and Services Logs à Microsoft àWindowsàWindows Remote Management   Operational channel is enabled by default. Analytic needs to be enabled Use the following to show…


Powershell Remoting fails with 502 error from server

502 usually results from an intermediate gateway/proxy unable to understand server’s response. If however, you don’t expect a gateway or proxy to sit between your client and server, this error may result from a misconfigured proxy settings on your client box. To view, proxy settings, run the following on your client box:     netsh winhttp…


Powershell Remoting through Load Balancers : The "select or value was not found" problem

Powershell remoting is supported over load balancers with configuration described at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee309370(VS.85).aspx#load_balancing_in__the__iis_extension_hosting_model   Users when trying to use this feature may hit a problem that breaks an active runspace with an error that looks like the following:  “the select or value F8037657-C31F-4B2F-9BCA-CAD89BC7C9F1 specified in the request was not found. ”   The above error ideally…


WinRM hosted in IIS fails to start with error 1300 in event log

WinRM is hosted within IIS by enabling the WinRM native module at a particular IIS site, app or a vdir. IIS sites and apps can be configured to run in a specific application pool. Each application pool runs under a specific user context. WinRM will fail to start when the user associated with the application pool does not have the required privileges….