Windows Management Framework Install Failure and Investigation

Since Windows Management Framework was released Oct. 2009, our customers have been excited about using PowerShell 2.0 on down-level OSes. Meanwhile, we also received feedback from both internal and external customers about our product issues. One of them is WMF install failure followed by the mysterious “The update does not apply to your system” error…

Quick and Dirty Large Scale Event forwarding for Windows

We recently got a question on this blog about event forwarding. This post by Otto Helweg gives a great introduction to event forwarding mechanism in windows –  Kapil Mathur [MSFT]     

Perform asynchronous asset management using Windows Powershell cmdlets for WMI

With Windows 7 wmi cmdlets now have support to perform tasks asynchronously. Asynchronous execution typically involves – ·       Run commands in background ·       Wait/stop on them ·       Retrieve results ·       Check status of execution   Thus to collect hard inventory data like total Physical Memory from a list of machines in your domain, while not…


WMI in the cloud

Recently I came accross an interesting post which talks about how to use WMI with Windows Azure. 


WMI in the cloud

Recently I came accross an interesting post which talks about how to use WMI with Windows Azure.   

wmic vs WMI Powershell cmdlets

Compare WMIC.EXE with Windows Powershell Cmdlets for WMI   The WMI command-line (WMIC) utility provides a command-line interface for WMI. With Windows 7 you can do everything that you can do with wmic using Windows Powershell and much more by leveraging powerful features of Windows Powershell.   Below are some scenarios in wmic and their…


Using "within" in a WMI event query

What happens when we don’t specify a “within” interval in a WQL notification query with an intrinsic event class name? For example: SELECT * FROM __InstanceCreationEvent             WHERE TargetInstance ISA ‘Win32_NTLogEvent’ AND             TargetInstance.LogFile = ‘System’ AND             TargetInstance.EventCode = ‘1007’   The WITHIN interval is only required if there isn’t a real WMI Event…

Finding out which machines are Laptops in a domain

Say you want to provision some settings only on all laptops in your corporate domain. The problemthough is, how do you identify which computers ones are laptops? WMI Class win32_systemEnclosure has a property – ChassisTypes. ChassisTypes is 9 in a laptop. Addtion based on reader feedback: ChassisTypes might not be 9 always, on some machines…


CIM 101

 The CIM is an information model, a conceptual view of the managed environment, that attempts to unify and extend the existing instrumentation and management standards (SNMP, DMI, CMIP, etc.) using object-oriented constructs and design. WMI uses the Common Information Model (CIM) industry standard to represent systems, applications, networks, devices, and other managed components. So if…

User Account Control and WMI

Starting with Windows Vista, under User Account Control (UAC) access-token filtering can affect which operations are allowed in WMI namespaces or what data is returned. Under UAC, all accounts in the local Administrators group run with a standard user access token, also known as UAC access-token filtering. An administrator account can run a script with an…