WMI cheat sheet and link to MSDN documentation

WMI team created a useful cheat sheet summarizing what's new in WMI. This is a great reference doc for developers. We are making them available through this blog post - as is. 

 The real documentation is still on MSDN (and it is being regularly updated). Cheat sheets are just a quick reference to get people started.

Some other useful links


WMI – MI API docs on MSDN

MSDN location of the new WMI Management Infrastructure   API documentation.

SDK Samples

MI API Samples

WMF 3.0   download

Download the Windows Management Framework. Contains WMI,   WS-Man & PowerShell updates from Win8. Applies to WinSrv2008, 2008R2, and   Win7.

CIM IDE  download

CIM  IDE tool is a Visual Studio snap-in used to build WMI providers & CDXML.

Thanks to Keith Bankston, lead WMI PM , for authoring this this cheat sheet and sharing with community.



Osama Sajid

Program Manager

WMI CheatSheet for Developers.pdf

Comments (4)

  1. Richard Cox says:

    Quite a lot of significant information seems to have been lost…

    – WQL refderence

    – WMI COM reference (eg. writing a provider in C++/Win32)

    – Command line tool reference (mofcomp etc.)

    Basically all the other links that used to be in place. Luckily the pages are still there (eg. msdn.microsoft.com/…/aa394572(v=vs.85).aspx ) even if you cannot get to them by navigation.

    Adding new information shouldn't require removing the existing valid information.

  2. Hi rjcox,

    This cheat sheet is summarizing what's new in WMI… that's why it does not talk about existing stuff in detail. All the old stuff is very well documented on MSDN and is not going away. If you have trouble finding the docs , I can let our documentation team know this feedback – let me know.

    To clarify further.

    WQL is still the query language for WMI and this is not changing in Win8.

    WMI COM API for client and provider is now in maintenance mode – and will be eventually deprecated. We feel the new API is much simpler and future looking. I always recommend writing any new provider/client using new API if possible.



  3. Richard Cox says:

    @Oasma: Thanks for the information.

    But none of that explains the loss of links to the documentation (especially for WQL, eg. where else to find the syntax of "associators of")

    The comment is on the loss of the documentation… even for maintenance mode technology (as mainstream supported products – eg. Win2k8 R2 – don't support the newer approach).

  4. Stoimen Gerenski says:


    Is there somewhere information about developing a WMI provider in .NET with this last version of the infrastructure?

    Latest documentation I am able to find is Provider Extension 2.0 for .NET 3.5.



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