Introducing – Standards Based Management in Windows Server "8"

We are excited to introduce the investments we have made in Windows Server “8” through this excellent blog post Standards based management in Windows Server 8 by Jeffrey Snover and Wojtek Kozaczynski.

It’s a very detailed overview covering “Why Standards based management matters” and “What we have done in Windows “8” to take cloud-management to a new level”. It talks about following
investment areas providing an excellent E2E picture

-       Simplified WMI provider development using MI API.

-       Standard compliant protocol, ready for large-scale distributed management.

-       Client development using MI .NET Client API.

-       PowerShell cmdlets to manage CIM end-points (CIM Cmdlets).

-       PowerShell cmdlets written as a CIM Provider (CIM-Based Cmdlets).

-       Management OData IIS extension.


In the next few weeks, we will take you through a deep dive of each of these areas. So tighten your seat belts and get ready for take for takeoff – it is going to be an exciting journey.

-Team 'Standards Based Management'


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  1. Where can I leave a complaint about WMI?

    I have by accident found that WMI is probably the cause for one of the top 10 most annoying issues in Windows. After Vista was introduced, I noticed that spinning HDD's are spun up a lot more often than before. I have now learned that Vista and 7 have brought both WMI and ETW to the client computers.

    Installers and many other programs now use WMI to query disk information since this is much easier to do through WMI than win32 API's. The bug here is that queries through WMI for things like HDD serial number and such details will cause sleeping HDD's to spin up. I have verified that THIS INFO ISN'T CACHED PRIOR TO THE DRIVE GOING TO SLEEP. So every query spins the drives up again even if you just queried the same info minutes ago.

    There is a theoretical scenario where user could switch the drive while it's sleeping – in this case the driver will notice the removal and can invalidate the WMI caches.

    I'm not sure if ETW uses WMI or what but stopping ETW trace that has nothing to do with the sleeping drives also causes those drives to spin up. Could be a related bug.

    Test setup: win 7 and a lot of spinning HDD's for maximum annoyance.

  2. Hi androidi

    Sorry for the delay. You can open a bug here

    Unfortunately, its too late for the current OS release but we would definitely look into it for next OS release.

    We actively monitor our connect bugs and they are usually sorted by customer votes – we try to fix the bugs having maximum customer pain first.

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