WMI in the cloud

Recently I came accross an interesting post which talks about how to use WMI with Windows Azure.


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  1. urkec says:

    (Sorry to ask here). Is there a way to contact the team? I have a couple of questions 🙂

  2. kmathur says:

    Do you wish to contact the WMI team or the Azure team? To contact the WMI team, this blog is a good forum and to contact the azure team, you could try submitting your question at http://blog.wadewegner.com

  3. urkec says:

    I have a question related to WMI, but not to this blog entry:

    The WMI event forwarding infrastructure form XP (the MSFT_Forward*** classes) was abandoned as too complicated. I was under the impression that it was going to replaced by a new, simpler mechanism in the newer Windows versions, but I can’t find any. Could you point me to any information about this?

  4. kmathur says:

    You can find out about the newer event forwarding mechanism in this blog post –


  5. urkec says:

    Thank you for the pointer. The change is much bigger then I expected – this is probably why I missed it 🙂

  6. funkyblues says:

    Hi, I see many articles saying how easy it is to manage entities remotely using WMI, especially with MMC 3.0.

    Do any of the native MMC snap-ins or built-in management applications use WMI to manage remote servers/services?

    Thanks in advance for any information.

  7. Sparksupport says:

    Thank you for this point sharing…….


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