Help Us Improve Microsoft Windows Management Framework

After WMF (Windows
Management Framework ), i.e., the combined download package of  Powershell,
WsMan and BITS,  for Vista and Windows Server 2008 was released to the Web on
Aug. 13th, we can feel the high
expectation for the final WMF releases from our customers. We would like you
know your feedbacks are also crucial to help us achieve high product quality.
Therefore, the message of this blog entry is simple: help us help you! If you
have any feedback specific to the WMF Release Candidate, put your comments here.

Xin Li

Windows PowerShell Team

Comments (1)

  1. Andy Tearle says:

    From a purely personal PowerShell perspective,

    the release of WMF was almost the Best of 2009,

    surpassed only by the release of PowerShell 2.0 and

    James Brundage’s PowerPack.

    My sincere thanks to all responsible.

    Any visual assistance available to elucidate some of the more complex concepts would always be welcome.



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