BITS FileTransfer cmdlets are now known as BitsTransfer cmdlets!

If you have been using BITS PowerShell cmdlets since the Windows 7 beta and are currently running the Windows 7 RC, then you will likely have had some trouble finding the BITS cmdlets in the RC.

Fear not, the BITS PowerShell cmdlets are now known as the BitsTransfer cmdlets. For updates, refer to

Among some of the cmdlet changes between beta and RC:

  • The cmdlets module is now known as BitsTransfer

  • The cmdlets have been renamed and they are now known as BitsTransfer cmdlets instead of FileTransfer cmdlets

  • ServerFileName and ClientFileName parameters are now known as Source and Destination

  • Support for relative paths and wildcard character when specifying file locations

- Alex Ng [MSFT]

Comments (2)

  1. Mr. X says:

    I had some issues trying to get this to work properly on a machine with PS 2.0 CTP3 in conjunction with copying a directory over a WAN connection. (Remember the posting on using BITS cmdlets to copy a directory?)

    Will this work only on Windows 7?  I am really hoping to make use of BITS to maximize the usage of our data pipe while throttling back as needed.

    Mr. X

  2. Hi Mr. X,

    The script that was provided in that post is based on BitsTransfer cmdlets (which will work on Windows 7 RC).

    If you are running PS 2.0 CTP 3 or Windows 7 Beta, then the cmdlets will still be known as FileTransfer. In order to get the sample script to work with CTP 3, you can change the references from BitsTransfer to FileTransfer. I’ve updated that post with a script that uses the FileTransfer naming.(

    Hope this helps!

    Alex Ng [MSFT]

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