Upgrading from TFS Beta2 when Reporting is Partially Configured

TFS 2010 Beta2 allowed you to partially configured the Reporting feature.  You could enable Reporting, but just have the Warehouse, or Warehouse + Reports or Warehouse+Analysis Services.

In RC/RTM you don't have that flexibility.   lt's back to being an all-or-nothing proposition.   If yo u want Reporting, you get the Warehouse, Reporting and Analysis Services. Therefore when you run upgrade to RC or RTM and you want Reporting enabled, you will be required to provide a both SQL RS and SQL AS server, even if your Beta2 system was not using Reporting or Analysis Services.  After upgrade, all Reporting features will be enabled.

 Of course, if you prefer, you can opt-out of all Reporting features during the upgrade to RC or RTM.  You can add them back in later if you want.


Comments (2)

  1. edblankenship says:

    I’m really curious about the reasoning behind this change – was their not enough time in the release to test all of the different configuration combinations?

  2. wlennon says:

    Yes, exactly.  It’s a delicate balance between features and stability.  The risks outweighed the reward.  I’m sure it’s on the list for Dev11.

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