Meet the Windows UI Automation & Accessibility team

Norm Hodne

Norm Hodne is the Lead Program Manager in the Windows Experience Group responsible for the accessibility APIs, accessibility applications, and the speech commanding and dictation features shipped in Windows. Norm also is a representative to the INCITS V2 standards organization where he works on standards related to accessibility.

Masahiko Kaneko

Masahiko Kaneko is a Senior Program Manager on the User Interface Platform Team in the Windows Experience Division. A program manager in accessibility at Microsoft for more than 10 years, he has been involved with several releases of the Windows Operating System as well as many other Microsoft products. Masahiko enjoys road biking, XC skiing, music, and movies in his free time but most of it is now dedicated to his first son.

Nazia Zaman

Nazia Zaman is a PM on the User Interface Platform Team in the Windows Experience Division, and is very passionate about Accessibility. She graduated from Stanford University with a Masters in Computer Science. She is interested in Human Computer Interaction, usability, and kernel programming.

Michelle Maislen

As a Senior Program Manager for the Windows Experience Accessibility group, Michelle Maislen is responsible for setting Microsoft’s strategy for driving the adoption and integration of UI Automation for over 200 AT vendors through the Microsoft® Assistive Technology Vendor Program (MATvp). She is also helping to solve key accessibility and interoperability challenges by promoting global engineering collaborations, such as the Accessibility Interoperability Alliance (AIA), that unites the efforts of IT, AT, and nongovernmental organizations.

Jason Grieves

Jason Grieves is a Program Manager in the Windows Accessibility Group. Jason works with students of all ages to identify their abilities rather than disabilities. In turn he finds solutions to use those abilities to live, work, and play

Comments (9)

  1. says:

    How is the UIA COM API distributed on Vista and XP? Thru the SDK? .NET 3.0?

  2. UIA is supported on XP and Vista, but the UIA Client COM API is not. The Windows team is in the process of addressing downlevel support therefore you can expect to see this coming soon.

  3. raziel says:

    Any news regarding the UIA Client COM API ?

    Thanks for the fantastic work you guys are doing in this area of accessibility 🙂

  4. JamunaRanaThan says:

    I have a doubt that whether UIA will work to find the controls of Html page (webpage). If that work please how to find those controls

  5. jaxrobinson says:

    I hope this works in html pages…


  6. iris imam a says:

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  7. Ahad says:

    Nazia Zaman is my aunt! I love you!

  8. Dear Folks.

    I am pretty new to, "GUI Test Automation”, hence, seek your help at this juncture. At the moment, I am being asked to write a utility that will:

    • First read all the window controls on the form and store them in the excel.

    • Enter test data in the worksheet created against the controls that i need to automate

    • And later,READ  (Test) input in the  excel worksheet and set values to controls on my WinFrom(kind of-Automate or simulate input entry)

    So far ,I have been able to automate many controls using White Automation framework which is a layer above Microsoft UI Automation.However,I am not able to find support for all the other controls,e.g.

    -Month Calendar


    Well now ,I think of  using Microsoft UI Automation for automating rest of the controls. There are couple of  queries popping up in my mind which i need to confirm from experts.

    Firstly, Am I right when i think in this direction?

    Secondly, I feel a requirement to use both White and Microsoft UI automation so that any one of the two can provide me a solution for a particular control. Could anybody please suggest any pattern, that can assist me utilizing both efficiently.

    Here is what I am trying to achieve (I appreciate your suggestions in this regard)

    • Launch the application under test from my tool (load assembly)

    • Capture all the controls and their respective handles ,insert them into an excel sheet

    • Enter  test data in the excel sheet manually  against these controls (making it sort of testcase doc)

    • Then my code Sets these controls on my form after reading from excel

    However i have to do this for all the controls.

    Appreciate your prompt response.

    ~ Aarif.

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