How to get notified when going in and out of connected standby from a Windows Service?

Always on Connected Standby (AOAC) was introduced in Windows 8.  Here is the definition as described on MSDN: “Starting with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, connected standby is a new low-power state that features extremely low power consumption while maintaining Internet connectivity. For a PC that implements the connected standby power model, the connected standby power state serves…


Web Service can’t start the Windows Service

Working with Windows Service and Web Service together is nothing less than fun, especially when you are not an ASP.NET expert. Like many native developers I have my own challenges with words like managed, web service and web applications! I was debugging a production down. My customer had a Web application which was communicating with…


Few points to share about Windows Media Encoder

You may come across issues such as hang or a crash when trying to use Windows Media Encoder from a service. Say you have a COM object which instantiate Windows Media Encoder and passes this to a service. The service may do one or more of the following: a. Screen Capture b. Audio recording c….


Launching an interactive process from Windows Service in Windows Vista and later

The first thing you should do about it is that, don’t do it. There are many limitations, bad implications and restrictions involved into it. In case, you are in a state that you cannot avoid launching an interactive process from Windows Service then you might want to read this article. Launching an interactive application from…