.NET Hotfix Rollup for August 2015

Jeff here,

There is a .NET hotfix rollup for August. 3078646 

Issues that this hotfix rollup resolves

Issue 1

Assume that you have a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) application that creates an XPS file, and this XPS file has an embedded font that is missing some special characters. Assume then that you have another WPF application that prints this XPS file. In this situation, the missing characters may result in the document being printed in an incorrect font.

After you apply this update, WPF now includes the missing characters when you create a new XPS file if the font supports them.

Note This issue still occurs when you use the WPF application to print an old XPS file.

Issue 2

Assume that you run a touch-enabled WPF application on a computer that is running Windows 8 or a later version of Windows. You remove a tablet device from the computer while the device is being used, the WPF application crashes or you lose the touch promotion to mouse operations. This means clicking buttons may not work correctly and some touch specific actions could be broken.

WPF no longer immediately removes a tablet device when it is removed from the system. Instead, it delays this process until it can guarantee that there is no further pending input to be processed for the device. At that point, the device will be removed safely and normal touch operation will continue.



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