Unable to do Digest Authentication on Windows 8.1

Programmatic Digest Authentication can be done using the SSPI APIs with the WDigest Package.  See the following:


On Windows 8.1, you may encounter the following error if you are using the SSPI APIs:

AcquireCredentialsHandle fails with the error code 0x8009030e (or SEC_E_NO_CREDENTIALS)

using the Default credentials on the client side.

On Windows 8.1 the Digest Package (WDIGEST) is disabled by default. You need to enable it via the registry.  See the following and take a look at the security section:

The Digest client does not cache credentials for domain members. Applications will prompt for credentials. You can enable caching in Digest clients with the following REG command:


“UseLogonCredential” =dword:1



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