Vista WinPE @ Techready 2

Last month I presented some of the new Vista WinPE features at Techready 2 at the Seattle Convention Center on Jan. 10-11. Techready 2 is a Microsoft internal conference designed to get our employees, partners, and field sales reps up to speed on our new products.

It turns out that they booked a room to hold ~300 attendees for my session...but apparently this wasn't big enough! We had to present a second session to another packed house!

The highlight of the session was our first public annoucement that WinPE is now available to everyone...needless to say there was some applause here!

Looks like the buzz is getting out!

A blurry full house

Manu, our marketing guy...err product manager talkin' it up


- Andy

Comments (1)

  1. manohar_227 says:

    Hi ,

    I am new to windows PE environment. While experimenting with drivers. I had observed that drivers which are dependent on WdfCoInstaller01005.dll are not working in WinPE 2.0.

    The same when i tried to install on Win PE 3.0 working good and observed driver services are loaded properly .

    So i had added the dependencies manually in Win PE 2.0, but still there is a issue and drivers is not getting loaded.  Is there any procedure variation for adding KMDF dependent drivers.

    Could you please suggest on it

    Thanks in Advance 🙂 ..

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