Postcard from the PDC

Los Angeles – Wednesday, September 14, 2005 5:01 pm Phew what a day….one of the most enjoyable, exciting, nerve wracking, intense days of my life so far. My name is Ramesh Nagarajan, I am a program manager on the WinFS API team, and I just walked off stage after presenting to 800 people at the…


Using OPather To Help Write Queries

For those of you who have installed WinFS and had a chance to write some code against the WinFS API you have probably noticed the use of this query language called OPath. OPath is the WinFS API’s object query language that has been designed to allow developers to express rich queries against the API’s client-side…


Visualizing WinFS Types

Hi, my name is Sanjay Nagamangalam and I am a PM in the WinFS API team. As I started writing my early WinFS apps, I wanted to quickly browse all the schema types. The docs were useful, but were not fast to scan through. I wanted to “see” a type in all its glory (e.g….