PDC content now online

Hey everyone! All the Professional Developers Conference 2005 talks are now available.
- WinFS Overview 
- WinFS Data Centric Applications using WPF and WinForms
- WinFS and ADO.NET
- All PDC 05 Videos
We’re looking forward to your comments!

Author: Vijay Bangaru

Comments (6)

  1. Rahul says:

    Thats really great but would be really ideal if we can download these videos for offline viewing, I travel to work by train everyday which takes around 1 hr each way perfect time to watch these videos, very difficult to watch/concentrate while working.

  2. Ian Thomas says:

    Unfortunately, sitestream is incredibly s..s.. l..o..w – maybe it’s a bandwidth / congestion prblem, but I’ve been down to 56K dialup modem speeds and that’s no good at all for 100Mb downloads.

    Getting the DVDs is not an option, I suppose.

  3. Ian Thomas says:

    As you’ve probably heard, downloading is incredibly slow, and apparently not because the bandwidth is limited.

    A number of people with reasonably fast ADSL connections have been getting D/L speeds like I have = 3 to 4 KB/s (that’s worse than a 56K modem can give).

  4. Of course they (videos) look well!!! As for me (and I’m now Microsoft Student Partner in Moscow Institute of Electronics and Maths), I see a grand perspective for WinFS – for example what about CRM based on WinFS? 😉 Yeah, I’m checking the WinFS history since I’ve got the first Longhorn 4008 with WinFS early alpha preview installed into it. And I’m very passionated with its technology and now I’am developing with my team the software based on WinFS Beta 1. These videos are very helpful in my Evangelism work in my hish school!! Yeah, guys, you rock!! Go on!!! Looking forward with WinFS Community Technology Previews that will make more efficiently the work of WinFS just for now!!!

  5. kWazar says:

    In what version Visual Studio works progects WinFs?

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