WinFS Mailbox II

Hi Everyone! Before I disappear for the holidays, I thought I’d dig through our inbox, the blog, and newsgroup, and answer a few more questions. Q: Chris asks, “While it’s good to have a common silo that all apps can easily use, it’s seems a bit risky. Wouldn’t some rogue app/spyware have an easier time…


WinFS Beta 1 Refresh now available

MSDN subscribers can now download our Beta 1 Refresh release. This release contains the same functionality of our original Beta 1 release and runs on the final release of the .NET Framework 2.0 . Before installing the refresh, make sure you uninstall your previous WinFS install along with any Beta releases of Microsoft Visual Studio…


Unify, Organize, Explore, and Innovate. Oh my! (Part 4)

…and then there was “Innovate”. We’ll close this series of posts by discussing how the WinFS relational platform provides powerful, next generation tools to the application developer. WinFS is built on a true relational store that all applications can leverage. Today, tons of popular apps lock their data into proprietary stores. This includes photo apps…


Getting Data Into WinFS with WinFS Synchronization

One of the first topics developers ask about once they start learning about WinFS is “How do I get existing data in?” We tend to think of this in terms of a bigger problem: “How do I move a lot of data in and out of WinFS?” Our answer here is WinFS Synchronization. My name…


Gotdotnet Birthday Party

The Gotdotnet team is throwing a Birthday Party and all Gotdotnet users are invited! The party will occur at the Microsoft Visitor Center this Friday, November 18, 2005 between 6PM and 10PM. For more event details, see or visit the Gotdotnet homepage. Author: Vijay Bangaru

Unify, Organize, Explore, and Innovate. Oh my! (Part 3)

Today we’ll chat about “Explore”. In discussing Unify and Organize, we already touched on a lot of Explore, but relational exploration is so cool that there is plenty to talk about. WinFS gives you the ability to use relationships to find and display your data. In the PDC video, we showed an app that takes…


Unify, Organize, Explore, and Innovate. Oh my! (Part 2)

Today we’ll talk about “Organize”. If you haven’t yet, you should check out Shishir’s WinFS PDC Presentation. He starts talking about Organize roughly 38 minutes into the talk. There is demo of the awesome “LifeJournal” app that shows the organization power of WinFS significantly better than my boring prose description will. 🙂 Last time, we talked…


PDC content now online

Hey everyone! All the Professional Developers Conference 2005 talks are now available. – WinFS Overview  – WinFS Data Centric Applications using WPF and WinForms – WinFS and ADO.NET – All PDC 05 Videos We’re looking forward to your comments! Author: Vijay Bangaru


Unify, Organize, Explore, and Innovate. Oh my! (Part 1)

Hopefully by now, you’ve gotten a chance to take a look at our PDC video and see how applications can use WinFS to do really cool things. I thought I would write a little bit about each of our value propositions, so we can dig in and see what’s really happening. Today, let’s discuss “Unify”…


About WinFS Rules

Remember the scenario “mail related to candidates that are interviewing today” that Shishir talked about in one of the previous posts?  If so, have you been wondering “How did they do that?”  My name is Kati Dimitrova, a developer on the WinFS API team, and I’d like to introduce you to one of the WinFS…