Client Application Services sample and walkthrough updated

Back in May, I posted an early version of my Client Application Services walkthrough, which was used as a lab session at TechEd. Since then, there have been many improvements to both Visual Studio and the walkthrough. For one thing, the Beta 2 version of Orcas (now officially known as "Visual Studio 2008") was released. Unfortunately, this meant that the original Client Application Services sample became obsolete, since it won't run on Beta 2 without updating the project config files.

I have now replaced the original file, so if you'd like to preview the RTM version of this walkthrough and run the sample on the Beta 2 release, you can download the new Updates include:

  • A "remember me" feature for the login dialog box.

  • A logout button.

  • More robust code throughout, demonstrating extensive exception handling for fallback scenarios such as login expiration and server unavailability.


UPDATE (12/04/2007): now includes VB and C# projects that will work with the Visual Studio 2008 RTM release. Additionally, the full documentation is now available on MSDN. See:


Comments (2)

  1. This is another one of the resources posts I promised at TechED. The talk was broken down into LINQ See

  2. I have updated my Client Application Services sample (previous posts here and here ) to work with the

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