New White Paper: Creating Smart Application Layouts in Windows Forms 2.0

My new Windows Forms white paper is now available on MSDN. It covers using ToolStrip as a navigation alternative to TabControl, and creating collapsible flyout menus a la the Visual Studio Toolbox. Compilable code samples are included.


Comments (1)

  1. Techno_Dex says:

    I have been awaiting your article about the flyout menus, as I have been prototyping one myself in my free time when I get the chance and have been stumped on a couple items.  I’m a little disappointed in some of the details that I feel you are missing but am glad you have presented another possible idea to tackle this task.  I need to look at the code in detail when I get more time, but right off creating a flyout from a Left aligned ToolStrip is the easy part, as all coordinates are calc’d from Top Left, calculations get more difficult when you start using Bottom docked ToolStrips (which is where I’m stuck at this point).  I feel you should have also include details using SplitterPanels to display your ToolStrips as the UI will have problems displaying the Flyout User Control on top of other controls on the form is the Z order is not set correctly, not to mention the fact that once the Flyout is docked, the ToolStrip is hidden in the VS IDE.

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