Conflict Between ClickOnce and Kensington Mouseworks Causes ClickOnce Applications to Crash

The ClickOnce development team has just alerted us that the current versions of Kensington Mouseworks software have a bad problem in one of their driver DLLs that crashes all ClickOnce applications. The bug occurs in a DLL that is loaded with every Windows process,and crashes that process if the executable path is longer than 128 characters. Since the ClickOnce store uses directory obfuscation when storing an application's files, this bug afflicts all ClickOnce app.

The only current workaround is to go into Add/Remove Programs and uninstall Kensington Mouseworks. The uninstall will require a reboot to retore the minimal drivers Windows needs for mouse input; after the reboot, any advanced functionality provided by the Kensington hardware will not work.

The issue has been reported to Kensington. We'll update you when they issue a fix.

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