Boneheaded .NET Error of the Day

[Can I say "boneheaded" on MSDN? If this post disappears in an hour, you'll know I've received an email from HR...]

As a Programmer/Writer for Windows Forms, I develop code examples in both C# and Visual Basic.NET. Today, I was finishing up a code example for a new SDK topic on ClickOnce and localization. (Yes, I'll be publishing this soon!) I named my C# sample project ClickOnce.SatelliteAssemblies. Wrote, published, tested. Worked like a champ.

I named my VB.NET sample project ClickOnce.SatelliteAssemblies.VB. Wrote, published, tested...only to find out that the server was prompting me for credentials when it wasn't before. I'd just changed my password, so I assumed the Web server was defaulting to cached credentials. I restarted the Web server, rebooted the box...all to no avail. I was stumped.

It took an hour and a half for it to dawn on me that my directories ended in the suffix .VB, and that this suffix is, you know, kinda special to a machine with ASP.NET installed on it.


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