The Windows Vista Security Blog is Back

We’re back!  You’ve probably noticed that the blog hasn’t been updated much lately.  We’re going to change that and you can expect to see regular posts again.  Windows Vista has been publicly available for over 100 days now, and we think we’re holding up pretty well.  As we said, no software is 100% perfect and will contain vulnerabilities, but overall it’s nice to see the new security features in Windows Vista and the defense in depth strategy paying dividends.  Look for more posts about Windows Vista security technologies soon.  In the meantime, you can download our brand-new “Security Enhancements in Windows Vista®” whitepaper at .


-          Austin Wilson

Comments (11)

  1. Corrine says:

    Excellent!  I look forward to user-friendly Windows Vista Security tips, tricks, tutorials, feature discussions, etc.  My RSS Feed in this arena has been neglected.  🙂


  2. Tony says:

    Your this article is very good

  3. Rob says:

    I have Windows Vista with Computer Associates Anti Virus and Malware installed. I have made the windows stuff  inactive. The Security Centre gives annoying messages that my computer protection is not up to date. Is there any way I can remove the Windows stuff and make the Security Centre properly detect the status of my CA Anti virus and malware software.


  4. Nada says:

    hello, im new to all technical issues, and my laptop is new LG windows vista,

    i have symantec programe, for security and also windows deffender,

    there is an annoying small pop up window giving me this msg eact 2 secondsm (a recent attempt to attack your computer was blocked)

    i have scanned my laptop using window defender, bt it gave me that my windows is safe,

    i clicked on the pop up window and gave me the following details:

    Risk name: HTTP LOP Toolbar Activity

    Risk Level: High

    Default Action: Block

    Action Taken: Block

    Destination Address: (, 80)

    Traffic Description: TCP, 54890

    pls send me to my email address since im afraid i wont be able to come back to this page,


  5. matthew says:


    Im getting the same problem as you.

    Please could any one help us


    My e mail address is

  6. Tom says:

    Same for me, it keeps poping up and minimizing the program I am using…

  7. Jack Mehta says:

    I have the same problem when using Windows XP. I wish

    Symantec had offered a fix for this.  The last time I had this

    problem I removed the whole Symantec SW and reinstalled

    with the whole pain of doing it.  I never wanted their

    Internet Intrusion protection.  I just wanted to buy

    their AntiVirus program but they have bundled their

    junk firewall program with their anti-virus program

    forcing it on the buyers.

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