Windows Vista Security Guide Now Available

Microsoft’s Solution Accelerator – Security and Compliance team is pleased to announce the release of the Windows Vista Security Guide, which is now available for downloading.

The Windows Vista Security Guide provides IT Professionals like you with specific recommendations and automated tools to further harden Windows Vista against real-world security threats.

Based on your feedback and extensive experience from other customers, government agencies, and Microsoft security experts, the Windows Vista Security Guide is designed to provide comprehensive vulnerability, risk, and mitigation analyses to help you understand the tradeoffs between security and functionality.

Using the Windows Vista Security Guide, you can choose from one of two baseline security configurations to meet the requirements of your environment, and then modify and test a wide variety of security settings, as well as other new and enhanced security technologies in Windows Vista:

  • The Enterprise Client (EC) environment is designed to meet the needs of most corporations.

  • Only in environments in which security outweighs functionality considerations—such as those in major financial institutions and government intelligence agencies—does the guide recommend using the Specialized Security – Limited Functionality (SSLF) security configuration. You can further tailor these security configurations to defend against threats such as malware and information theft.

The security recommendations in the Windows Vista Security Guide have been validated through extensive testing. And the GPO Accelerator tool that accompanies the guidance helps you automatically deploy the security settings in minutes instead of hours.

A hardcopy version of the Windows Vista Security Guide will also be released in coming weeks; the hardcopy version will include a CD with sample code and detailed information about security in Windows Vista.  – Please stay tuned for more information.

A special thanks to all of you who provided such valuable feedback on the beta version of the guide! The time you took to share your thoughts with us had a real impact on this important guide.

To learn more about the Windows Vista Security Guide, click here.

And be sure to visit our Solution Accelerator team’s page to see our other security guides (

Kelly Hengesteg
Senior Program Manager
Microsoft Security & Compliance Solutions

Comments (27)

  1. Nick Barron says:

    I guess it’s probably a little early to ask, but are there any plans to put Vista through Common Criteria approval?

  2. windowsvistasecurity says:

    Yes, absolutely we are aiming for Common Criteria approval. Many of the settings in the Specialized Security – Limited Functionality (SSLF) are designed for Common Criteria compliance as well.

  3. Dean Mclaren says:

    I work in the computer recycling industry and the removal of files at the end of life is a big concern for many companies. It is a simple process to perform a data wipe using a software program, but many companies do not buy this additional software to protect themselves. Is the Vista program going to have the ability to "scrub" the hard drive at the end of a computer’s life?

  4. Marcelo Mason says:

    Yes, yes….

    It is something really important to all of us that evaluate Vista. And what a coomprehensive guide!!!!

    A "must have"…. A grat compilation with every single problem that I had. And several that i did not have and do hope  that that won’t happens… apart, more then a book for everyone that is or was testing VISA, every version, betas, RCs or RTM.

    Thankyou ver much on this one. It is essencial.

    Best Regards,

    Marcelo Mason

    Miami, FL

  5. From the Windows Vista website and Vista Security Blog… In addition to the solutions that the Windows…

  6. Jaime A. Restrepo says:

    Kelly Hengesteg

    Senior Program Manager

    Microsoft Security & Compliance Solutions

    Dear Sir:

    I was too late to get a Beta copy of Vista

    I wonder if functions like Copy and Paste, moving files in Explorer is done in the same fashion in Vista as is now done in previous releases of Windows?

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Jaime A. Restrepo

  7. Bill D. says:

    It doesn’t seem that many questions are anwered in any type of order.

    It’s more like a "Yes, Yes!!! blah, blah, blah, we have coming and you can get…!!

    jmho…but where is the symetry that seems to be lacking here?



  8. Bill D, says:

    BTW… H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R !

  9. i want to be protect my computer in future. Please help me. My name panharatha phath

  10. ahmed matar says:

    I’d like to protect my network that vista work in.

  11. ahmed matar says:

    I need more protection for my network


  12. I need more anti virus protection for my computer

    thank you

  13. I want more freebtanti-virus protection for my computer network

    thank you

  14. I want more freebtanti-virus protection for my computer network

    thank you

  15. Ahmadreza says:

    The Best of anti virus for Protection is NOD32 & Configuring  network firewall or host firewall for your Network or client computer.

  16. Ahmadreza.K says:

    Best of anti virus is NOD32 and configuring network firewall or host firewall for yor computers or servers . and shuting down some ports & services on your computer.

  17. ahmadreza says:

    :: For protection  your computer or your server ;

    1- install patch updates and service packs ,

    2- use the anti virus and firewall

    3-shuting down un-used ports and services , for example

    (shutingdown remote registry on cilent computer or telnet on your server  and block this port numbers > ( 135,136,137,138,139,(tcp & UDP) and tcp port 445.)

  18. BernieS says:

    Today my boss received confirmation that Microsoft is no longer pursuing Common Criteria certification for Vista and Longhorn. This means that these OS’s cannot be deployed in government agencies. What is Microsoft going to do to deploy new Windows operating systems in the public sector – and in international gov’t agencies – now? Do we have to stay on XP and R2 forever?

  19. LinkDir says:

    Thanks man, just what I was looking for. Thanks so much…

  20. Hello Windows Vista Team Blog readers, We’ve heard that some of you are very interested in getting the

  21. markovich says:

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    thank you

  22. Leigh Cheek says:

    For the past few weeks, I have been using the Vista Security Guide to audit some personal computers by comparing the PC’s setting to the the Guide setting.  The Excel spreadsheet named Windows Vista Security Guide Settings.xls has been very useful to map the registry settings. I have notice a possible error that you may wish to correct.

    Under the Computer Policy Settings sheet, "Network access: Restrict anonymous access to Named Pipes and Shares" is associated with the registry setting MACHINESystemCurrentControlSetServicesLanManServerParametersNullSessionShares.

    I believe that the correct registry setting is


    Thank You.

  23. allen says:

    I hate the vista security as it is to restrictive for a none techie

  24. allen says:

    I hate the vista security as it is to restrictive for a none techie

  25. polaris says:

    Im doing some technical research on vista security. So i need a technical paper that explains vista security in details.

    can you help me to find it?

  26. ym81 says:


     Is the vista security policy settings applicable to all 4 types of Vista OS ?

  27. tnhilbilee says:

    this area like vista itself is a waste of time, not once does it ask what my problem is or who to talk to about it, it is nothing more than an advertisement about how great vista is.

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