Bloggers Report on Vista Security

Microsoft’s hard work in the area of security for the soon-to-be-released Windows Vista operating system is paying dividends for our customers, partners and – it seems – members of the blogging community!

 - Russel Humphries

Comments (6)

  1. Vernard says:

    On this page

    It says, "<i>This is Action is</I> prevented by…"

    hehe, grammar problem.

  2. manjit says:

    I recently got the Vista home basic version. I can browse other sites, but not sites. Can anyone help?

  3. Dennis LEE says:

    The following site is suspicious. Beware

  4. david light says:

    your securitybug user acount control has driven me mad looking up my taxes then telling me I was not privlaged enoughto get them destoying norton usealy i read quite a bit and figur out what you have taken from a 2 finger operation into krap but with mutipal deaths in the famly ijust needed a machine togo motal tomotal dothe banking keep up with the bills play some music wso on what i got with vistawas a machine that 1day ran fine and the next needed 2 more gigs mem just for a normal start and then no net I have been out here from 3.1 no more as soon as time alows mac hear i come let the greedest man in the world screw the rest of you o my faviort this month was a copy of bob dylns desire had huricanen on it for any one who knows shuch tanged up in blue as well I had gone to the trouable of recording it oof the vinal you now a recod a wile back and vista saved the world from us thiving old men it told me ihad copyed it to maney times so i could play it no more . Witch realy shows you the sheep we are when I bought that in72 very high on Lsd and smokeing not a the brown weed in that store but the green and the ill or confused did not flash looks of death wile looking for a poket phone they wear still in dick tracy catoons sunday paper the ill and well just stoped and waited there turn for no one would light a joint and not pass it on ina hit or so and had some one said i could play that album on but one machain and should i copy it more than a backup and liston only 25 times failure to comply brought the fbi and 20 to life I would have laufed so hard the young lady at the counter who had the amazing talent of covering nipilsonly realy andalot of fring and hiar botem hair met top she would have melted into the floor and I would have lafed so hard ided of laufed my teath right out of my mouth witched was alway a paine for as they spraileed out of my mouth on the most butifal rainbos you might ever dream of inyour best dream you ever saw for thoughe s  rainbows had colors with no names and paterens no one has ever seen agin some living so fastthy were gone befor the y came and somsoslow I swear I see themleaving just now. and the poor qnd thedoumb the doper the quere the black and brown amoug them the best and britist went offto

    nam and the very hatfull mad stright people it seemed to personly hurt them to seeus have agood time could someone pleas tellum the world has been black and white ever sence they let me back in the world the straits thejoc ks on threre peaceand love o i could never hurt athinggoing tograd school inadvanced baskek work they built this rich get richer wile the poor getpoorer police state we havemor people per capitta in jails than any where else in the world an westill have congressmen who do not belive in mental Illnss shore dont sound like the home of free and brave sounds and looks like a bonivilant police state and as thy go broke they get naster and naster untill your last job was puling fillings right up tillyou stumble and fall and somone new cleans teeth a wile


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