Windows Vista Release Candidate 1 (RC1)

As you may have heard by now, Windows Vista Release Candidate 1 (RC1) is complete! See the announcement from Platforms and Services Co-President Jim Allchin. If you’ve been waiting for a Release Candidate to start your testing, the time is now.

Since we were only able to give out 75 DVDs of build 5472 in our giveaway last month, I wanted to tell everyone how you can get RC1 (build 5600):

  • RC1 has been released to the “connect” site for TAP customers and TechBeta testers.

  • This week, customers who signed up for the Beta 2 Consumer Preview Program (CPP) will receive details on how they can download RC1, and RC1 will be available for MSDN and TechNet subscribers to download.

  • Next week, we will make RC1 available to all customers, either through download or on DVD.

Stay tuned to for updates on availability.

We’ve made a lot of improvements since Beta 2. We’ve made some UI adjustments, added more device drivers, and enhanced performance. On the security front, we’ve made a lot of improvements in the User Account Control (UAC) area in particular. Read about the improvements we’ve made to UAC in RC1. We’ll also post more details about security-related changes in RC1 here in the next month.

- Alex Heaton

Comments (13)

  1. Bulldog says:

    I am confused  regarding RC-1  version 5536, 5600  and 5700.

    Is  5536  pre-RC1  or it is RC-1.

    Here is  another issue ..  many  computer  users  abandoned shoddy  CPUs  from INTEL  and moved  to AMD 64.  If  Microsoft wants   have  really  public testing the 64  bit version of  Vista should be released.

    Finaly  Microsoft  needs  to give a TAX break and credits to all computer used  from this Microsoft tax.

    Also   I do believe  that  Microsoft  should finally abandon  the  "upgrade"  version and  go ONLY  with full  version.

    It serves  no purpose to have both versions, it is really stupid  and only an opportunity for  Microsoft to gauge  more  consumers  with pricing.

    The previous releases of Windows  specialy  Windows 95, ME  were so crappy  that there  is  NO real reason to ever consider  upgrades  from them and go always for clean install.

    NEXT  issue is the WINDOWS versions such as  HOME  and PROFESSIONAL.

    Thewr  is  no real reason to  keep home version and  skip it.

    Microsoft is really waisting a lot  man power trying to generate to many versions.

    Instead of having 7  buggy versions of windows XP it would be more sufficient  from the point software design as well consumers to make  NO MORE than 3 versions.

    One version  with minimum crap for small business,  one version for  MULTIMEDIA  (and without ridicoulous and abusive  DRM)  and one full version which will include full installation and the servers installation.

    DVD (or CD)  should  be programed so during the installation the user decide  whic version he wants.

    Mocrosoft is  acting like an autistic child  hearing what people are saying  but not really listening.

    And the last there should be change in licencing policy as person who bought any program (including Windows)  should have the right to install it on as many PCs  as it desires as long as those are undere  his household ownership.

    A PC should be defined as a NETWORK of PCs  used under one roof.

    The diference should be made between HOME  users  and corporate users.

    In the fast moving world of operating systems  LINUX is  making progress  and many people  and specialy those  with PC IQ will  

    move to LINUX.  The  housewives, retired and retarded, and other  idiots  will always  stick to  Windows.

    People  perception is that the only piracy of  all computers are made by companies  such as Microsoft.

    That is a real  foolish  and abusive game on a part of  Microsoft, and only induces  improperly  so called piracy!

    Microsoft does  NOT leases software  Microsoft sells software, and specially  when it is in violation of the law sold  together in a predatory monopolistic manner  with each and evry PC, if one need it or not!

  2. Bulldog says:

    I  think is better  to get rid of  moderation.

    The  censorship  violates the US constitution and the right to free speech.

    Let’s  get back  our  constitutional freedom !

  3. Bulldog says:

    Here is  a trouble some issue.

    The software should be designed so once it is installed the Hard Disk drive for whatsever reason can be removed  and reinstalled  on each and every other computer.

    It is only a  matter of time when this issue will be presented in the court and we will find that  the court agrees  that  one should have right to swap  hard disk drive and use it ion any computer it pleases him.

    I do have several computers and when one does not want to boot cause the i.e.  BIOS is screwed up  I should with  no delay be able to take the Hard Disk stik to any other PC and be able to do work  I need to do without  any financial loss.

    This is specialy important in a corporate world  when failure of computer  can cause severe disturbance and loss of time.

    This way  being able to swap Hard Disks  we can   continue all the  tasks.

    It doesn’t cost money  to  swap the HD  when computer was fried, and we can do our  work.

  4. chewy says:

    Is Windows Vista Release Candidate 1 free?  What will happen when Microsoft will start selling Windows Vista? Will you be charged or will it stop working? Thanks in advance.

  5. Blog says:

    Very good . You are doing a great job.


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