Security Update Policy for Windows Vista

Windows Vista is the first major Microsoft product release that will be serviced with security updates throughout the beta process. We are committed to release Windows Vista updates for all MSRC critical class issues that may arise during the beta testing period. We strive to release any Windows Vista updates as soon as possible, but our priority will be to release the updates for Windows products that have been released to manufacturing.

We have received multiple inquires from Windows Vista beta testers asking if their systems are affected by the security bulletins released last week.  Of the seven critical Windows updates released in August, only 2 (MS06-042 and MS06-051) also affect Windows Vista Beta 2 or later. Windows Vista (Beta 2 or later) is not one of the operating systems affected by Microsoft Security Bulletin MS06-040.

Updates for the 2 issues mentioned above have been released to Windows Update and are available in the Microsoft Download Center. The following KB article list all available updates for Microsoft Windows Vista Beta 2 and includes links to these downloads.

Note that updates will no longer be released for Windows Vista Beta 2 after RC1 has been released, and updates for pre-release versions not will be released after Windows Vista has released to manufacturing. Also, Microsoft does not include information about beta products in formal security bulletins. If you have future questions about whether a security vulnerability affects Windows Vista please refer to the KB article mentioned above, which will be updated as soon as any new updates are released.

- Alex Heaton
  Windows Vista Security

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  1. Over at the available updates page for Windows Vista Beta 2 there are two new updates that have been…

  2. Microsoft’s Alex Heaton explains about the updates:
    Windows Vista is the first major Microsoft product release that will be serviced with security updates throughout the beta process. We are committed to release Windows Vista updates for all

  3. Tuesday’s Vista patch was not the first for the product, as many news outlets are reporting. This one…

  4. Yes the current security patches do affect Vista.

    Vista is the first Microsoft product where security…

  5. Looks like the bloom is off the rose of Vista security before the operating system even hits the streets. According to a blog post by Alex Heaton, a Windows Vista Security engineer at Microsoft, two recently released MS patches should be applied to Beta

  6. geemodo says:

    Well, I could not say that I did not expect this. I have been playing with Vista for a while now and I did run updates almost everyday but I only saw Malware updates. Well is it going to be patch wednesday?

  7. James Garner says:

    I have Vista Beta 2. Does this mean Ill only get updates until RC1 is out, and Ill never get updates after Vista is manufactured? I like Vista, and I report any problems or issues I find, surely we need updates??

  8. Allan B. says:

    Christ – Am I ever glad I own a Mac!!!

  9. Jason_Ze says:

    Why is that? OS X also had 2 security updates in August. Apple doesn’t release information about updates until they ready either. "For the protection of our customers, Apple does not disclose, discuss or confirm security issues until a full investigation has occurred and any necessary patches or releases are available."

    Will Apple even give their customers a chance to try their next OS before it is released? Will they release updates for their beta? Not sure why you think you have it better.

  10. CM says:

    Dumping Windows for a Mac was the best thing I ever did for myself.  114,000 viruses for Windows and 0 for the Mac.

    There are no viruses in the wild for the Mac.  

    No spyware.  My Windows machine was constantly getting spyware on it.

    Macs have no registry and no DLLs.  I have wasted enough of my life dealing with those.

    Vista is going to be just as bad as XP.

    After using MS products for 16 years and putting up with all kinds of mediocrity, I never will buy another MS product again, now that there are viable cost effective alternatives.  Bill, you had your chance and blew it.  Yet another loyal customer has defected.

  11. I was just looking at Jeff Jones’ security blog and noticed this post where he links to a new blog addressing…

  12. Stefen Niemeyer says:

    Good stuff, but another good example to be disgusted by the blurred new Word default font 🙁

    I was reading all the postings from above and stopped when I saww this blurry font. Are there already glasses or tools out for autocorrection?


  13. sol says:

    muy bueno!!!!!!

  14. bobby says:

    want to download vista

  15. Miguel Pereira says:

    The Best

  16. Humor Guy says:

    should I purchase vista? Or should I wait till all the holes are fixed. Or is it a big deal these holes that were found. Thankyou.

  17. Elysium says:

    Take care with those updates – they completely ****** my new VISTA laptop – had to go back to factory set up – works okay again thank goodness – nice to see some things haven’t changed!

  18. SHD says:

    Vista is ok, until it downloads and installs updates, this is the 3rd time in a week i’ve had to roll back to a working update 🙁 And I’ve still no idea what has caused it because I DIDNT HAVE ANY UPDATES LASTNIGHT!

  19. scott says:

    No updates for Pre-release Vista?Just"Thank you for helping us iron out all the bugs for the paying customers,now F*** You"!  

    We(I use this disparagingly because without these beta testers you would have no real world user experiences to debug your apps with)helped you develop your system,and now you toss them aside like bugs in the software!?

    I would say that Microsoft is getting too big for it’s britches!

    This is one REALLY good reason to switch to GNU type systems.

    And then when that happens,you threaten to sue for using propietary software!Then,on top of all this,you forge a pact with Novell to keep their users from being sued for using YOUR SOFTWARE?Maybe you should be sued for using TCP/IP in your stack!?

    Maybe IBM should backtrack and check all the patents from OS/2?Bet they could easily find something you trespassed on to get where you are today.


    I won’t be buying anymore of your software simply because if my hard drive dies,I have to buy a new copy????

  20. Scott says:

    Oh,by the way,glad to see that THIS site is running Windows 2003.

    Seems a couple others are running on hosted machines running…….What?


  21. scott says:

    Nice to see some honeypots,though.

    I have to admit your servers are good.2003 has a very granular setup,nice.


  22. bEN dOVER says:

    Dear Billy-Bobble-Gates,

    Thank you for re-releasing Windows 3.0 and calling it Windows Vista!

    Wow-If I knew I had to replace all my software and hardware just to run this beta crud, I would have doubled-up on all my PC purchases!

    You are sooo the man!

    Way to go Billy-Bobble!

    Your Friend,

    Ben Dover

  23. rich says:

    I am new to computers and not sure of some tech lingo…My problem lies with getting comulitive security updates for IE 7 in windows vista.My downloads are stalled and not sure how to vkick start them up,I have an idea,but that might hurt my laptop.



  24. Karan Kashyap says:

    Security Policy is must because Windows Vista is prone to system failures.

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