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Please note this post was last updated July 15th, 2009.

Here on the OEM team, we are often asked storage-related questions about the latest versions of Storport.sys, the iSCSI Initiator, and MPIO.            

For easy reference, below are the latest available versions of Storport.sys, MPIO, and the iSCSI Initiator as of 7/15/2009.  Both GDR branch fixes available directly from the Microsoft Download Center and LDR branch fixes available from Microsoft Support are listed.

Please note that all updates are cumulative within the same branch, so though the below updates may not resolve a problem you are seeing, a previous fix may resolve your problem.  Look for more details on GDR fixes versus LDR fixes in David's post from 3/11/08: "What is the difference between general distribution and limited distribution releases?"

Please contact your storage vendor to discuss whether you should upgrade to the latest available Storport.sys, vendor-specific MPIO DSM, HBA drivers, etc.

Server 2003 SP2
Latest version of Storport.sys available directly from the Microsoft Download Center:
KB 943295 -
Build 5.2.3790.4163 (October 2007)

Latest version of Storport.sys available from Microsoft Support:
KB 957910 -
Build 5.2.3790.4485 (March 2009)

Vista and Server 2008 SP1+

Latest version of Storport.sys available from Microsoft Support:

KB 968675 -

Build 6.0.6001.22425 SP1 (May 2009)

Build 6.0.6002.22128 SP2 (May 2009)

iSCSI Initiator
XP and Server 2003
Latest version is 2.08 (December 2008):

Fixes for the following issues are included in this version:

  1. Fixed an issue where a rejected command may not be retried after the Initiator receives a REJECT PDU.

  2. Fixed a deadlock that may occur when shutting down the MS iSCSI software Initiator adapter.

  3. Fixed an invalid memory error that may occur when there are persistent targets configured in an IA-64 system.

  4. Fixed an issue where the iSCSI DSM may not recover failed paths.

XP and Server 2003
Latest version is 1.22 (December 2008)
Included with iSCSI Initiator 2.08

Fixes for the following issues are included in this version:

  1. Fixed a system hang on uniprocessor systems that may occur when handling device arrival/removal.

  2. Fixed a system hang in certain cases when handling throttling.

  3. Fixed a memory leak when handling reserve/release in a cluster.

  4. Updated install sample to use DSM to enable optional MPIO features.

  5. Fix to make path recovery interval customizable.

Comments (4)

  1. gary says:

    thanks, this storport update fixed a blue screen condition i was having. ever since installing an adaptec 3405 sata2 controller 6 months ago, i would get a blue screen every time i shutdown or restarted the win2k3 r2 x64 server. it ran fine, just blue screened when i shutdown.

    Build 5.2.3790.4163 (October 2007)

  2. Royce Fitzgerald says:

    Is there any place that we can be kept abreast of upcoming STORPort hotfixes for Windows 2003 and Windows 2008?

  3. bday says:

    I really wish you could sign up for notifications of updates to KB articles & hot fixes. The Storport.sys driver is one we like to keep at the latest, but finding the new KBs with it can be challenging at times when the old KBs don’t always have links to superceeding updates.

  4. André says:

    The last version of the Vista/Server 2008 driver is:

    6.0.6001.22425 (Vista Sp1 – LDR)

    6.0.6002.22128 (Vista Sp2 – LDR)

    and come with hotfix:

    KB968675 ( The storport.sys driver leaks nonpaged pool memory when volumes are scanned, mounted, or dismounted in Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista)


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