Enabling the IME during OOBE on Windows Vista.

If you're setting up a system to run Chinese Vista with Office 2007 installed and you're not able to get those Chinese characters to show during OOBE you should be able to follow the below steps to get this enabled:

Please do the following:

  1. Machine with Vista SP1 + Office 2007 both in Chinese (CHP).

  2. Boot to Audit (-audit -generalize) mode and import both EnableSysIME(CHT).reg & EnableSysIME(CHP).reg to the registry (I just double clicked then verified reg entries were there).

  3. Copy EnableOfficeIME(CHT).reg, EnableOfficeIME(CHP).reg & RemoveSysIME.reg to \Windows\Setup\Scripts.

  4. Created \Windows\Setup\Scripts\SetupComplete.cmd containing the following 4 lines:
    Reg.exe import \Windows\Setup\Scripts\RemoveSysIME(CHP).reg
    Reg.exe import \Windows\Setup\Scripts\RemoveSysIME(CHT).reg
    Reg.exe import \Windows\Setup\Scripts\EnableOfficeIME(CHP).reg
    Reg.exe import \Windows\Setup\Scripts\EnableOfficeIME(CHT).reg

  5. Run Sysprep -OOBE

  6. This is a shot with me on the computer name screen showing the different IME available. (note: I cannot read or write Chinese, this is just me typing. Please let me know if this means anything.)

The registry files are available to download here.

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