Changing USB device behavior when resuming from S3/S4

Since Windows Vista was released, there have been a handful of fixes that have come out to address various USB bus and device issues.  In some cases, only one or two files were affected and updated.  In other cases, it involved updates to all of the core USB files.  Along the way, a change was…

Troubleshooting and resolving memory leaks faster with UMDH and other debugging tools.

“You probably can’t avoid tech support problems entirely, but by using tools that Microsoft’s Global Escalation Services support team uses, you can obtain detailed Windows system and application information that can shorten a support call or even avoid it. In this first What Would Microsoft Support Do? column, Microsoft Escalation Engineer Michael Morales shows you…


Enabling the IME during OOBE on Windows Vista.

If you’re setting up a system to run Chinese Vista with Office 2007 installed and you’re not able to get those Chinese characters to show during OOBE you should be able to follow the below steps to get this enabled: Please do the following: Machine with Vista SP1 + Office 2007 both in Chinese (CHP)….


Announcement regarding changes to the Professional support level.

Microsoft Customer Service & Support (CSS) is changing its Professional support model to deliver deep technical expertise in the most effective and efficient manner possible. By the first quarter of 2009, Microsoft will expand its call-back model for all professional support incidents in the Americas. This model eliminates unproductive hold time for customers and better…