Creating a GUI cheat sheet for commonly used WinDbg commands.

There is an undocumented feature in WinDbg that may be useful for remembering WinDbg commands and essentially building a personalized GUI cheat-sheet of commonly commands.

The syntax is ".cmdtree c:\debuggers\cmdtree.txt" where cmdtree.txt is a text file describing all of the commands.

This was picked up on several popular debugging blogs, such as:

An example of this is provided here:

windbg ANSI Command Tree 1.0
title {"Commands"}
  {"OS Version"} {"vertarget"}
  {"Computer Name"} {"dS srv!SrvComputerName"}
  {"CPU Make/Model"} {"!cpuid"}
  {"Manufacturer"} {"!sysinfo machineid"}
  {"OS Kernel Version"} {"lmvm nt"}
  {"OS Kernel HAL"} {"lmvm hal"}

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